Hi, I'm Wito Delnat.

I'm a software engineer with a passion to coach agile software development and build production-ready services in cloud native environments.

Latest articles

Fragile fundamentals: Proxy Product Owner

Agile / 2021-04-25

Product owners are accountable for maximising the value of the product. Common tasks are developing clear product goals and managing initiatives. These initiatives are made visible through a product backlog which contains a list of items that are ordered in a way to best accomplish the current…

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How to keep NextJs configurable in Docker

Cloud, Web / 2021-04-10

React is as popular as ever and is accompanied with tools as create-react-app and NextJs. In addition to this we have the cloud industry which seems to have embraced containers everywhere. Surprisingly there is some friction in configurability, the place where we'd least expect it. The twelve-factor app methodology advises to…

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The road to adopting Kubernetes in development

Cloud, Kubernetes / 2021-02-17

DevOps is about fostering a culture that cares about closing the chasm between development and operations. We rapidly accepted adoptation of using Docker locally. After all, the…

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