Hi, I'm Wito Delnat.

I'm a software engineer with a passion to coach agile software development and build production-ready services in cloud native environments.

My expertise covers…


No two teams are the same. While either Scrum or Shape Up provide solid foundations, both are purposefully lightweight and have plenty variations. I have expertise in building custom-tailored ways of working so teams can grow at a sustainable pace.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP is where I manage most of my infrastructure nowadays. It is, in many ways, a toolbox which can be leveraged into an automated, secure and scalable foundation for applications to meet the real world. Indeed, each minute not spent on infrastructure can be spent on what really matters - adding business value.


The heart of the modern distributed system. I've been working with Kubernetes as early as the 1.3 release. This experience helps me teach engineers to tame the intimidating learning curve and assist them when requirements get tough.

Software Engineering

More than just development. I shape solutions by building a profound understanding of the problem and technical limitations. While the best tool is the one that fits the problem, TypeScript remains my preferred language as you can develop quickly while keeping maintainability.