Wito Delnat

Software Engineer

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Hi. My name is Wito Delnat. I'm a Belgian and a KU Leuven graduate. I like sports, reading, and generally creating things. That's why I decided to become a software engineer. I've been working with startups and currently spent my days at In The Pocket.

When you're looking for engineers, you're looking for experienced and reliable ones. Those who understand that we live in a world where you never stop learning and where we are not in the business of writing code but solving customers their pains and frustrations.

Over the years, I've led a team of up to twelve engineers for a video player with SDKs on web, iOS and Android. I also worked with GCP and AWS to build reliable and scalable IoT, PSD2 FinTech and VR video processing platforms. These platforms powered both mobile and web applications through React and React Native. History has shown me that I should feel confident in my expertise and how my curiosity swiftly bridges gaps in my knowledge.

Reach out to me when you need help with rapidly prototyping an idea, product development, cloud-native infrastructure or strategy and planning - either as an individual contributor or as technical lead. For more information about my experience and related certifications, please check out my résumé.

Ask me anything about cloud-native engineering or building teams that succeed.