Introducing Keat - Progressive and type-safe feature flags

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Feature flags are the secret sauce to any high-performing team. The reason is simple: it’s a win-win. This technique both increases your velocity by deploying multiple times per day and your stability by releasing with confidence.

The trick? Decoupling deploy from release, testing in production and gradually rolling it out to your customers. It makes releasing rather uneventful - which is exactly what you want so you can spend energy where it matters.

Nowadays engineers start a product and immediately add a CI pipeline because they know how beneficial it is. Feature flags unfortunately not so much. It can take weeks and often many months before they are considered. The reason is almost always the same: getting started is a big deal.

Currently the options are the following:

  • Evaluate various SaaS offerings and get approval for subscriptions.
  • Self-host an open-source option and manage a server and database.
  • Write a dozen lines yourself and get limited binary toggling capabilities.

Keat’s biggest aspiration would be along the lines of you writing npm install react react-dom keat in one go. We want you to enjoy progressive delivery, targeted audiences, remote configuration, type-safety all from the start and without vendor lock-in. This without having to reinvent the wheel, without taking on the burden of infrastructure, and definitely without having to reach for your wallet.

Want to see how high-performant teams work? Check out the GitHub repository and get started today.

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